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Pitch made a startled noise as, once again, he found himself being dragged around by the Guardian of Fun.  “Unhand me, brat.  And do you even know where you are going? I thought this wasn’t your normal turf.”  He managed to pry his long fingers out of Jack’s frigid grip. Shaking some feeling back into them, he glared.  “But if you want to be the tour guide, by all means.”  He spread his arms.  “Lead on.”


"Well, I guess I can do that." Jack grinned at the Nightmare king, taking his open arm gesture as explicit consent for Jack to carry him. So he did.

Wrapping his arms around Pitch again, Jack flew into the air. “And of course I know where it is! I do come here you know!” he called over the wind, flying the both of them towards the haunted island. He was pretty sure that Pitch was going to flip out on him again, but he hadn’t tried to really upset him. It would just be faster and more fun to get there this way.

Pitch was a brilliant strategist, he had proved that many times.  He could usually guess his opponent’s next move and plan accordingly, keeping him one step ahead. 

Unless Jack Frost was involved.

Pitch had expected one of several possible reactions, but being unceremoniously scooped up into the air by the smaller spirit was not one of them.  He flailed his spidery limbs furiously.  He sputtered incoherently for a few moments before managing to form words again, still wriggling frantically.  “Are you out of your frozen little mind, Frost?  What the hell do you think you are doing?  Do you have an ounce of sense?  This is undignified, I am the Nightmare King, unhand me!